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Rosebuds Siamese Cattery

bullet-lrge.jpgWelcome to Rosebud's Siamese


We have Siamese kittens available


We are proud to preserve the old style

Traditional Apple Head and Classic Siamese 

 bullet-lrge.jpg  We are a small in home cattery. We have been breeding since 2008. Our goal is to breed healthy loving purebred Siamese. Siamese are very intelligent social cats and make great pets for all ages. Some Siamese are very vocal and some are very quiet but all are very loving. Our kittens are hand raised and get plenty of TLC. They have free range of our home and it is a true pleasure watching them as they grow into perfect little companions for you. Siamese have a regal beauty about them that we just love. Our Siamese are well cared for. They are fed premium cat food, lots of toys, cat condos etc. We have a wonderful vet and vet records are available upon request.

We feed our cats Life's Abundance premium wet & dry cat food.

Click to order Life's Abundance

Dry Cat Food



We use Tidy cat scoop, cats like small particles, reminds them of sand, which they are use to out in the wild. 

 Our Siamese are purebred cats from registered lines. They are CFF CFA and ACA registered. 



Tell the Breeders you found them on the

Pets4You® Website!


We are a closed cattery, no stud service.

We do not sell Breeders, only loving companions.

We only sell kittens for indoor pets.

"One cat just leads to another"...Ernest Hemingway 


 Our Grandchildren




As you can see our Siamese are really loved and friendly! They love it when my grandchildren come over and play with them.







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